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The Fourth SIBT in Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages

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The Fourth International Forum on Business Translation and Teaching Research at Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages was held on December 30-31, 2017.

Fourth SIBT Background 

Launched by the Hong Kong Hang Seng Management College, the forum aims to promote the development and exchange of business translation disciplines and business foreign language teaching in the four sides of the strait. The first forum, a former high-end forum for business Translation, was held at the Hong Sheng Management School in Hong Kong and chaired by Professor Fang Zixun, president and director of the Institute of Translation Studies and China Business Translation Society. Since then, the second and third forums have been held by the English College of Business and Economics University and the School of Foreign Languages of Nanjing Finance and Economics University . The Fourth forum organized by the Organizing Committee of International Forum on

Business Translation and Foreign Language Teaching, is jointly hosted by English and Advanced Translation College of Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages, which is sponsored by the editorial office of "Business Translation" and the ENRP Education Technology Co. Ltd.

Fourth SIBT Organizing Committee and Academic Commission Establishment 

Before the the Fourth Forum, the name of the forum was changed to "International Forum on Business Translation and Teaching Research (SIBT)", and the fourth SIBT Organizing Committee was established, Professor Fang Zixun was servedas Honorary Chairman, Northeast Normal University former vice president, president of Chinese Business Translation Association, Professor Zhang Shaojie as chairman, Yang Yuchen, director of English College in Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages. It has 16 university professors as Vice Chairmen, and has set up a Forum Academic Committee with Fang Zixun as Director ,Professor Gao Wei, Professor Huang Jiying, Professor Yulijun and Professor Weng Fengxiang as Deputy Director. This forum has a total of 79 experts and scholars of more than 50 universities from both at home and abroad and more than 90 Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages teachers and graduate students participated in this forum.

Fourth SIBT Schedule

The Opening Ceremony was hold at 10:00 on December 30 ,the SIBT Organizing Committee's Vice Chairman, Professor Yang Yuchen from Northeast Normal University and President of English College in Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages, presided and delivered the opening ceremony. Professor Dong GuangcaiPresident of Liaonning Translation Society, Professor Yang Junfeng,Director of Liaoning University’ s Foreign Language Teaching Research Institute, Professor Ma ZhanxiangPresident of Foreign Language Teaching Research Association of Inner Mongolia University. Third forum organizers, representative of Nanjing Finance and Economics University, Professor Xiao Hui delivered. Professor Huang Jiying, vice president of Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages on behalf of Qin He ,the President of Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages delivered the welcome words.

After the photo of all the participants, Professor Yang Junfeng, former vice president of Dalian Foreign Language University, made a keynote speech.Professor Gu Weiyong, director of the Foreign Language College of Nanjing Xiaozhuang Uni/Nanjing ZijinTechnology University. Dr. Sayed Gouda from Cairomade a keynote speech: "Business Translation in a Context of Cross-cultural Communication". Then, Ms Wang Hui ,the Master of Translation, European Association of Chinese Entre⁃preneurs International director made speechfor the actual combat : "How Could Translation Establish Business and Build Future?"

On the afternoon of December 30, two keynote speeches were first made by Dr.Dongping Zheng and Dr.Desigh L.Hudson from the University of Hawaii in the United States, titled "Translingual and Translanguaging Practices in Translation: Ecological, Dialogical and Distributed Perspectives "and" Social Constructivism, Custom Tailoring and Lesson Planning for Teaching International Business English.

Subsequently, the discussion was conducted in a forum, chaired by Professor Ma Jianhua, dean of the Foreign Languages College in Changchun Normal University, Professor Wang Weibo of the Foreign Language College of Dalian National University and Professor Zhao Lili, director of Foreign Languages Institute of Liaodong University. They addressed the subject orientation, professional development direction, teacher training, course construction, the subject research frame, the talented person training standard, the textbook construction and so on.The question has been carried on the intense and the thorough discussion.

On the morning of December 31, Professor Li Chao of Jilin University made the keynote speech of "Cross Study of Business English Subject Research"; Professor Birgit Bunzel, assistant professor of Department of Asian and International Studies in Hongkong University presented keynote speech:"Presenting Oneself:The Culture of Professional Correspondence Translation"; Professor Sun Jiancheng of Tianjin Finance and Economics University made speech named as"Business Translation Research from the Perspective of Linguistics "; China Daily columnist from the US, senior advisor of Tsinghua University, Harvey Dzodin made the keynote speech "Translation and Interpretation in the Artificial Intelligence"; Professor Gao Wei, President of the English College of Dalian University, " Research and Teaching of Engineering Business Text Translation: An Academic Report Based on Rhetorical Function and Intertextuality Analysis."

Academic lectures and keynote speeches were conducted by Professor Cheng Yingxin of Bohai University, Professor Liang Zhengyu of Huzhou Normal University, Professor Ma Jianhua of Changchun Normal University and Professor Xiao Hui of Nanjing Finance and Economics University.

Professor Ding Jianhua, chairman of the SIBT organizing committee and Professor Wang Zhiguo ,director of the Oriental Language College of Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages, read the first board members of the Commerce and Foreign languages Institute of Jilin Province and announced the establishment of the Institute. Professor Yang Yuchen ,the President of the Association of Business and Foreign languages of Jilin Province, spoke on behalf of the organizer.

Vice Chairman of SIBT Organizing Committee Dong Guangcai, Professor Yang Yuchen passed the forum flag to the fifth SIBT organizer of Dalian University, Professor Gao Wei who is representative and President of English College and Professor Sun Yunchun. President Gao Wei said,“we must make the fifth SIBT do better, everyone will be expected in 2019 in Dalian . Professor Zhang Shaojie, chairman of the forum, sent a greeting video from the conference in Changsha. Professor Dong Guangcai, vice chairman of SIBT Organizing Committee, made the concluding remarks of this forum.

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