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About CBTA

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About CBTA

The China Business Translation Association (CBTA) is a legally registered, non-profit social organization (a corporate body) designed to carry out academic activities. It is a voluntary association of business translation agencies and business translation teachers, researchers and managerial personel from mainland China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan.


CBTA aims to:
Estabish an academic exchange platform for business translation research in Mainland China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan, so as to strengthen the theoretical and practical research of business translation as a new discipline through connecting and organizing business translation teachers and business translators and based on the principles of developing academic democracy and activating academic thoughts, and boost business translation teaching and research and improve the teaching results in China through summarizing, exchanging and promoting successful experience;
Promote academic exchange and cooperation among peers in colleges and universities within and outside China;
Establish a variety of banches to promote the construction and development of the field of business translation.


At CBTA’s preparatory stage, experts and leaders of the initiating units - the University of International Business and Economics(Beijing), the Northeast Normal University(Changchun) and the Hang Seng Management College (HK) offered academic planning and operational guidance. The routine work was carried out by Dongshiruipu Education Science & Technology Ltd., Co. The National Business Translation Test Management Office and the Organizing Committee of the Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching also participated in the preparatory work.


The CBTA Inauguration Ceremony and the CBTA Conference 2016 was held in the Conference Center of the Hang Seng Management College (HK) on Jan. 15th, 2016. The China Business Translation Research, a quarterly magazine, was decided to be the CBTA journal.


Anyone interested in business translation is welcome to join the CBTA! The CBTA Constitution, the CBTA Membership Application Forms and other documents can be found on the CBTA website (www.cbta.hk).

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